Fertility Clinic Nightmare Ends Happily and More Pregnancy News

cross pollination
Flickr photo by Snapr
What you should know about fertility clinics, a landmark pregnancy law, and baby-name near misses are all on my radar today ...

  • Talk about a fertility nightmare -- imagine learning that one of your embryos was accidentally implanted into another woman, who then became pregnant! There are random stories about this happening, usually involving lawsuits, ethical arguments, and emotional turmoil, but this one is different ... it actually has a happy ending. Read Shannon Morrel's infertility story. -- ABC News
  • Here's wishing that you don't have any baby-name near misses. You know, the name you almost pick before you come to your senses and pick the right name. Read one father's account of how he almost named his son Atticus -- and thanks goodness years later that he didn't. -- San Francisco Chronicle
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