Syren: Baby Name of the Day

Photo from Kentrina Kimball
Ever wonder why your friends name their kids something ... only to come up with the strangest story ever?

My friend's daughter Syren is named for an evil mermaid.

Yes, I said an evil mermaid. Thank goodness the kid is cute.


Says Kentrina, "I was pregnant, stuck at home, throwing up. There was this evil mermaid/human on the show Passions who lured the men in named Siren ... mythology said she'd lure them in and let them die or something like that.

"So I call my husband and I'm like, 'I just named our daughter,'" she recalled. "He said, 'Absolutely no way in hell!'"

Five months later, Syren was born.

"Sirens are supposed to be really pretty and men are supposed to love them ... and now I realize that's not really the best thing for a little girl!" Kentrina admits. "But she is beautiful! And my husband is a fireman ... and 'siren' fits."

As for the Y?

"I couldn't be original, could I? Everyone expected it to be Siren ... like the firetruck ..."

Do your kids' names have a wacky story like this?

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