Lilyana: Baby Name of the Day

Photo from Dara Barnett
Born in June, we've always joked that our Gemini daughter, Jillian, has an imaginary twin named Lillian out there.

My mother loves it -- that was her grandmother's name -- but it's always sounded a bit too old-fashioned for me.

Which is why I love the twist my old high school friend Dara put on her daughter's name: Lilyana.


The lily happens to be Dara's favorite flower, and with her husband not too keen on Lillian either, Lilyana was born.

"Lilyana is commonly used in English and Italian, which worked for us seeing how my husband is English and I am Italian," Dara explained.

"Lily is, well, she's a lily ... beautiful, slender, sleek, a morning flower that closes at night  -- she is sooo NOT a night owl -- and up early every day!"

With a description like that, how could you not pick this name?

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