Chase: Baby Name of the Day

Photo by Jeanne Sager
Naming her son Chase Michael has earned my friend her fair share of ribbing -- that's what happens when you give your child a verb as a moniker.

But about to turn 6, I can't imagine Chase being anyone but, well, Chase.

So I asked his mom, Tara, for a little insight on why she picked the name.


"I thought of the bank, and then money," she wisecracked. Then she turned serious. 

"I wanted a name that you couldn't shorten, that was a little different and not Coy (like his father wanted to name him)," she explained.

"When I was looking up names Chase just jumped out at me, and I just kept going back to it.  I think it really fits him."

A funny little boy -- and one of my daughter's favorite playmates -- she's right, and not just because he's rambunctious and she has to chase him around the backyard!

Chase means huntsman or hunter, and with his boundless imagination, I guess you could say he's always hunting for the next adventure.

It's enjoyed a significant hike in popularity in the last few years -- among CafeMoms alone it ranks at number 97.

Do you know any Chases? Does the name fit?

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