Louis -- Baby Name of the Day

Flickr photo by boo!berry

Up until a week ago, you didn't hear or see the name Louis much -- at least not in Baby Name circles. But as the surname of Sandra Bullock's newly adopted baby boy -- Louis Bardo Bullock, it's bound to be an up-in-comer ... again.

Bullock has not disclosed the origin of her son's first or middle name and whether they were given by the birth mother or selected by Bullock and her soon-to-be ex Jesse. To me it reminds me of a king, and he sure looks like a little prince in those photos.

Read more in The Stir about Sandra Bullock's adoption.

A couple of facts about the name Louis:

  • It has English, French and German roots, which makes sense since Bullock spent most of her childhood living in Germany.
  • In England, it's a derivative of Lawrence.
  • It means a famous fighter, notable in war.

Some other famous Louises:

Lou Rawls, an American musician

Lou Ferrigno, a body builder and actor

Lou Diamond Philips, actor

Louis Vuitton, love his bags

Louis Pasteur, love his milk

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