Australia Pays Big for Sperm and More Pregnancy News

pregnancy tests
Flickr photo by thebluedino
Australia wants your man's sperm! A fertility clinic will pay $700 to $800 per ampule of viable little swimmers to help alleviate a shortage of donations from men Down Under. Doctors attribute the falloff from a recent law change that says the name of sperm donors can be turned over to the offspring as soon as they turn 18. Guess all those college guys are finding new ways to get drinking money. -- The Medical News

Sales of home pregnancy tests are down -- likely because of the poor economy. That's why some pharmaceutical companies are trying new tactics to get them in moms' hands, including a web reality TV show. For example, First Response came up with the idea for the TLC web-based reality show A Conception Story, which began airing April 26 and follows the TTC journey of six women. -- The New York Times


I recently talked about how eating a high-fat diet during pregnancy can lead to health problems in your baby -- now comes a study with yet another repercussion from mom's eating habits: Women with higher BMIs before and during pregnancy will have babies born with more fat. More fuel for the theory that obesity truly does start in the womb. -- WebMD

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