Baby Shower Must: Preggatinis

Photo from Preggatini
If you're going to a baby shower and dreading the watery punch, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Drinking is encouraged at today's baby showers.

And if you're worried about the baby, don't be.

We're talking preggatinis, aka mocktails.

Aka virgin drinks -- but that sounds sort of out of place for a woman who's eight months post one night of passion, doesn't it?


The preggatinis (a term coined by mixologist Natalie Bovis-Nelson) are a little nod to the fact that no one wants to drink cheap canned soda (hey, caffeine is out for preggos anyway) or something more appropriate for our toddlers' sippy cups.

And while I don't always drink at parties, let me tell you, I'm down for a mean "mamarita" that will let me drive home -- and keep my wits about me so my daughter doesn't run off with the stuffed giraffe meant for that new baby.

You can keep your watery punch. I'll take a cocktail glass, and keep those babies coming.

For your next shower, check out a host of Bovis-Nelson's preggatini recipes over at Holidash, or how about a liquor-free version of some of The Stir's favorite Friday happy hour hits.

What's your favorite?

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