Prenatal Memories: My Daughter Remembers the Womb ... or Does She?


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I want to share an interesting and sort of freaky conversation I had with my 5-year-old recently about becoming a mom. I'm not pregnant; I just wanted to know my daughter's thoughts on the matter of motherhood, with Mother's Day 2010 coming up and all. (And because I thought this would be a subtle way of finding out if I'm going to get any good gifts.)

She knows that babies grow in a mommy's tummy, but other than that, no one -- myself included -- has ever explained about having babies in the detailed physical sense. What she said made me truly wonder more about the theory of prenatal memory.

This was my mini-talk with her:

Do you remember when you were in Mommy's tummy?

Yeah, it was dark.

What else was it like, what did you hear, anything?

I heard your heart beating all the time. And I felt very safe.

What did it feel like?

It was wet.

What were you doing?

I was lying down.

Did you eat?

No, I drank.


Milk I think.

Now about those presents ... I mean ... why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

To give something to Mommy.

Good girl. Now, what do you think Mommy would like? What present are you and Daddy going to get her?

We're going to let you cook.

Uh, is that really the present Mommy wants?

Yes, because you are going to make cupcakes.

For who?

Me. Because you love me.


She has it right, doesn't she?

Do you think children really have memories of being inside the womb or are their perceptions all coincidence and good guessing?



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jeann... jeannesager

You can make ME cupcakes for Mother's Day or any day really :)

APeve... APeveteaux

I love your daughter. And, yeah, freaky about the womb memories!

Peajewel Peajewel

That really is crazy!  Sounds like she is remembering to me.

And how cute she is going to let you make cupcakes.  You can always send some my way if you would like!

nonmember avatar cassandra

Do you think she may have seen something on TV about it? I'm just curious b/c she says remembers drinking when babies in the womb recieve all their nutrients through the umbilical cord. Maybe she's just smart and put all that together through things she has learned. Either way, that is very smart :)

ethan... ethans_momma06

Cassandra- Babies in utero do drink amniotic fluid.

:) She sounds like a cutie! I don't know if there is anyway to tell if she actually remembers or if she picked that up from somewhere else, but it sounds like she has a great idea of what's going on in there! And I love her mothers day gift idea ;)

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Hahahah! I love Carolyn! You need to interview her all the time!

I want to think she remembers.

William Fitzgerald Lane-White

I have what I believe to be a prenatal memory it's a very simple memory I touched my nose and I had the sensation that it hadn't been there before like having something feeling familiar and then it seems different it's weird and I've wondered about it since I was very very little.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I had to google this because I just had a similar converation with my 3 year old. She told me when she was in my tummy, it was warm and she had no eyes because she couldn't see! She then told me she was in there too long and showed me how she was scrunched up in there! Then she told me when she came out it was bright but she still had not eyes! freaked me out, but I see there are quite a few people that have experienced this!

Richard Blinn

It is definitely possible for her to remember especially at her young age. I am 59 and I can still remember. The perspective I have on that life in many ways is radically different than what researchers are talking about and also very similar in many respects. The perspective from the life experience of an adult necessarily will be very different from the perspective of a child in it's mother's womb. I have written a book on this subject.
Richard Blinn @

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