Jack -- Baby Name of the Day

Photo by Sherri O'Connor

As a single mom (like Sandra Bullock), choosing my son's name was up to me -- what a gift I was going to give him -- and what an obligation I had to ensure he got a strong, cool, and classic name. I decided to keep things all in the family. My son's first and middle name are after two special people in my immediate family.


My 2 1/2-year-old is named (drum roll please!) ... Jack Domenic. My mother's name is Jacklyn and my grandfather's name is Domenic. I could easily call him JD and I often refer to him by that in my writing, but I never call him that in real life. What do I call him?

Jack, Jack Domenic, Jackers, and Jackie (like that cutie Jackie Jr. from The Sopranos).

Did you name your baby after someone in your family?

PS: BTW, yes, people often joke to Jack and me, "Where's Janice?" because of the sitcom Three's Company. Cute.

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