Post-Pregnancy Boob Photos: Would You Share?


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Your boobs post-pregnancy are a story all on their own, and considering that old saying about how many words a picture is worth, is it any wonder BabyCenter is asking for pics of the postpartum twins?

And that some women are on board ... while others are revolting (because they're revolted)?

After a chat with a pregnant friend just last Friday about what pregnancy did to my breasts and what it's doing to hers, the dichotomy of the responses is intriguing.

I'm not sure I can agree that I'm "proud" of my postpartum boobs. But I'm also not going to jump on board with sentiments that the company is "taking it too far."

We're proud of our breasts when it comes to feeding our kids, but we're still pushing the sexualization issue? We can't have it both ways ladies.

Did we learn nothing from Jane Magazine's breast health issue and the accompanying headless shots of chest after chest? The magazine may have long since folded, but the legacy of accepting the body you have -- and not being afraid to place it beside another woman's -- lives on. 

It's given rise to sites like Shape of a Mother, a site where women can upload photos of their postpartum tummies, stretchmarks and all ... or svelte and perfect. They're not ranked or judged but placed side by side as evidence that women are simply women.

Flat-chested to begin with, pregnancy didn't turn my boobs into tube socks, but it did leave me "crooked," with one significantly larger than the other (or one significantly smaller -- I prefer the hand half full in this case).

I won't be sharing them because of my inherent modesty -- the result of years of battling eating disorders -- but I admit I'd be curious to see what pregnancy has done to other women. I'd look, and it's not for some sexual kick, but for the same reasons I've perused Shape of a Mother: To feel solidarity, to marvel at a self esteem that I confess I still don't have.

As a pregnant woman, I know I was curious what WOULD happen.

SF Gate's Amy Graff (who freelances for BabyCenter) said,"Something about it feels liberating ... I'm tired of hiding my post-pregnancy boobs, which are still quite perky despite two pregnancies. Time to be proud!"

Will you join her?

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ethan... ethans_momma06

I think that in this world... we really have no idea what a NORMAL womans body looks like, or what it looks like after the normal transition to motherhood. This can often leave women with REAL normal bodies feeling ashamed about their new appearance, instead of realising that that is what their body is supposed to look like and it IS beautiful.

So yeah... I think it's great that there are sites like this out there...

lovin... lovinangels

um. I'm good. If there was a solid amount of cash in it, I'd probably be a little more inclined...

RanaA... RanaAurora

It's totally anonymous and for a good cause.  I don't see why not.  I'll do it.

thinline thinline

I wouldn't mind showing my breasts, BUT I wouldn't do it for the simple fact that all we are doing is perpetuatuing the idea that we need to compare ourselves to other women in order to feel better about ourselves(or to feel normal) . There is no need for it.

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