Maternity Swimwear: What's Your Style

Beach Preggo
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There's nothing better than floating, nearly weightless, in a pool when you're pregnant. But shimmying yourself into a suit and then baring yourself for public exposure can be a daunting task -- especially when your bod has become unfamiliar territory! What's your preggo beach style -- daring, darling, bump-baring, or cover-it-all?


maternity bikini
$92 at SIerra Maternity
Bikini Bump

There are some moms-to-be who are nothing-but-bump -- they seem to keep their pre-baby shape except for that gorgeous hill o' baby in front. For them, and for anyone who just loves to bare as much skin as possible, the bikini is a great, gutsy bit of beachwear. Don't forget: It might be harder to wax your bikini line, and while you might love your bump, you might not love your linea nigra -- the dark stripe bisecting your belly. For some reason, I felt much more private about that.

Would I? I might -- with a much-fuller set of bottoms, either boy shorts or a skirt. My whole body is in on this pregnancy, and my lovely lady lumps are a little lumpier than usual.

Maternity Tankini
$108 at Nordstrom
Tankini for Two

A two-piece is great for bathroom trips -- but if you're feeling like you need a little more coverage, the tankini is just the thing. Big top, separate bottoms, with plenty of room to grow. Important to remember to find one that gives enough support up top, now that your ladies are learning about their new purpose in life.

Would I? Would I ever! In fact, this is my style of choice -- in the cheaper Old Navy version, of course. And with more generous and cover-uppy bottoms, like I said.



Maternity Maillot
$78 at Due Maternity
Maternity Maillot

I was going to say the days of the one-piece are numbered when another mom said she hates tankinis with the heat of a thousand white-hot suns because they always seem to cause midriff peekage and bloopage, no matter how long the top is. So okay! Some ladies like the classic one-piece! It does have a certain retro flair, safety from droopy drawers, as well as the aforementioned belly-button peep.

Would I? People, I'm peeing every half hour. Do I look like I need to wrestle wet straps off my shoulders every time?

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