Pregnancy Calendar Week 13 (Home Births and Baby Showers)

baby cupcakesMargaret*  is expecting her first baby on November 5 and sharing her experience each week for the next nine months. 

Week 13

Learning about pregnancy intimidates my husband and me. We've announced that I'm pregnant. And now the comments are rolling in.

We've decided to not use a social-networking site for pregnancy or child-related news. Alternatively, we're creating our own website that's password-protected. I chose this option because many of the contacts we have aren't close friends or family. I'm not sure I want folks having that much access.


Also, the information is rolling in from mothers and fathers who have children. When they find out it's our first child, we receive information-overload.

Today my husband learned about cracked and bloody nipples while breastfeeding. My husband joked that our baby would be a vampire. Our decision to pursue home birth is raising pointed comments.

So far, I've decided to ignore them. Using the theory of double-consciousness, I chose to educate when appropriate; however, I don't feel obligated to inform folks about home birth. If they ask a question that I'm comfortable discussing, we'll chat. Otherwise, I gently direct them to reputable sources of information.

This week begins the month of baby showers; I have a few of them back to back for the next couple of weeks. I'm hosting one this weekend and attending two others. I find myself looking at items for our child. In fact, I purchased some clothes and decided that I wanted them for myself. A few things here and there, combined with our gently used items from friends and family, and we'll be set.

Looking forward to a wonderful second trimester!


How much do you share about your pregnancy online or in social-networking groups?


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