Unbelievable Pregnancy Comments

illustration from mama never told me

Illustration From "Mama Never Told Me"

Emily Van Do couldn't believe some of the comments she received from friends, coworkers, and strangers when she was pregnant (and carrying 60 extra pounds on her 5' 2" frame). Because stuff like that makes a great book, she started writing them down.

Here are a few gems from Mama Never Told Me: A Diary of Unbelievable Comments and Questions Posted to a Pregnant Woman:


Coworker: "You know, you didn't have a big a** before, but now you do!"

Friend: "You and Karen are due at the same time, but you are so much bigger!"

Mom: "When your sister was pregnant, she didn't carry as big as you."

Kids the next table over at a fast food joint: "Should you be eating that?"

Hairdresser: "Your husband must love those boobs!"

Bus driver: "You really popped over the weekend."

Find more comments in the book, a sweet and funny gift for the expectant mama on Mother's Day. The illustrations to the comments are equally laugh-out-loud funny.

Have you gotten any really rude pregnancy comments lately?

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