Molly: Baby Name of the Day

Photo from Amazon
Between Molly Ringwald's new memoir and Amanda Peet's decision to name her daughter Molly, the name's been showing up on my computer screen a lot these days.

And here's where I fulfill your quota of "I learned something new today."


Did you know this is actually a "pet name" derived from the more common name Mary?

Oh, the power of Google ... and CafeMom's Baby Name Finder.

I always sort of wondered with this one. Other than Ringwald, it wasn't a name I heard much growing up -- at least not for people. Dolls, yes. Dogs even.

Which isn't to say I don't like Molly or even that I'm discouraging people from using it on their kids -- I've always had a fondness (blame Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, et al.). But when you add in its meaning -- "bitter" -- things just get worse for the Mollys of the world.

Then there's the band, Flogging Molly, and mollycoddling.

Can we give these ladies a break? What do you think -- too much ugh, not enough awww?

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