Pregnancy Diet: No More Excuse to Pig Out?

bacon cheeseburger
Flickr photo by cortneymartin82
Pregnancy is a great excuse for lots of things that you never get away with in your civilian state ...

Honey, I can't take out the garbage because I'm pregnant. Honey, I need to take a three-hour nap because I'm pregnant ... Honey I really need you to go out and get me a bacon double cheeseburger and a side of curly fries because ... I'm pregnant, I'm fat, I don't care how I look ... I'm pregnant.

I ate like a horse and gained 36 pounds. As soon as I popped that sucker out, I went on a healthy-eating plan and was back to my normal weight within a month. So what if I pigged out during pregnancy?

This is what: A high-fat diet during pregnancy can raise the cancer risk of your child and grandkids regardless if you go back to eating healthily afterward.


Researchers conducted the recent study on rats and found that the rat babies (ratlettes?) of moms who ate a diet high in omega-6 fatty acids (largely found in vegetable oil, meat, and dairy) had a 30% greater chance of developing breast cancer than those with grandparents who ate healthfully. When only one grandmother, on either the mother's or father's side, had indulged, the granddaughter's disease risk was 19% higher, according to a report on MSNBC.

It's so hard to control everything you eat while pregnant, especially with morning sickness, food aversions, and hormones launching you toward that carton of ice cream because, well, it makes you feel better. Sometimes you're lucky if you can manage to get anything down at all -- healthy or not.

Do your best, eat well when you can, but don't deny yourself once in a while, either.

In other words, take this news to heart but also with a grain of salt ... that's hopefully stuck to something other than potato chips.

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