Jewelry That Celebrates Pregnancy

Hip Mama
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When your body changes, the logical response is -- decorate it! Right? Not exactly a push present, pregnancy jewelry is a lovely way to celebrate your status and will last long after your bump has returned to its flat state (ha ha, as if). But what to choose? Here are some cute options -- buy one for yourself for Mother's Day!

Hip Mama Necklace
Sport a cute bump without the swollen ankles! I love how this looks like a doodle, capturing the spirit of the belly in just a few elegant strokes. Fabulous!


Bellybutton Piercing Extenders
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Bellybutton Piercing Extenders

Got piercings? You probably know about these. But just in case, you can try to keep your piercing intact throughout your pregnancy with these flexible rings. (Didn't work for my sister, but it could work for you!)



Goddess of Abundance
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"Goddess of Abundance"

See, this is how pregnancy changes you. Before pregnancy, these hippie-dippie woo-woo designs would've made me hurl. Now I love and covet them. Can't fight it!



Mama Sutra
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"Mama Sutra" Pregnancy Chain

When I was in my carefree 20s, I wore a sexy (some say trashy) chain to highlight my flat belly. I was kinda thinking -- now that my belly's cute again (for different reasons), why couldn't I get a different kind of chain? This sexy mama kit has one; belly-dancing hip-chains would be another option since they'd sit below the bump.

Jasper bracelet
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Jasper Pregnancy Bracelet

This stone is said to help protect both mother and child during pregnancy and, if held in the hand during childbirth, it's supposed to help ease the pain too. Well, I'll stick with the epidural, but it can't hurt to have around, right? And it's so pretty!



St. Gerard
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St. Gerard Pendant

The patron saint of motherhood -- not officially, but informally. Am I the only Jewish girl with a soft spot for patron saints? Hey, it makes as much sense as the hippie-dippie pendants -- can't hurt, anyway!





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Pregnancy Chimes

Such a cute idea. These are pendants on long, long chains so the jingling charm lies on your belly. The idea is the baby kicks and hears the chime. Or maybe it's just for you -- it's got to be hilarious to hear the little tinkling call when you feel the baby kick. It's supposed to come in handy as a "nursing necklace" after the birth too -- something for the babe to handle and play with. And so cute!

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