TTC Blues and More Fertility News

woman's face cast in purple light
Flickr photo by Eggybir
The Stir blogger Stephanie's news that she is NOT pregnant after IVF really bummed me out this week, so I have TTC issues on the mind ...

It's not just a human problem. Mama panda was faking a pregnancy -- again. For the FIFTH time. The National Zoo announced yesterday that Mei Xiang (May Shee-ahng), one of two giant pandas at the zoo, wasn't carrying a fetus in her belly, despite all the signs: High progesterone levels, loss of appetite, sleeplessness. Pandas only ovulate once a year and for just two days in duration. -- Yahoo! News


Pregnancy discrimination alert: Minnesota can refuse welfare benefits to mothers who previously had a miscarriage. Women may qualify for assistance while pregnant in the state. But the "family cap" statute doesn't acknowledge the previous loss of a baby when the woman gets pregnant again and forever considers that woman to have "one child." That means she can't get help the second time around. A state senator is trying to X-acto this whole silly provision from the books, thank goodness. -- Poverty in America

We have sextuplets, the Duggars ... you kinda had to predict that one of the networks would jump onto the fertility bandwagon. WeTV will air The Fertility Chase, a six-part series featuring interviews with fertility experts, clinics, and universities, designed to help women make informed choices when trying to conceive a child through assisted means. It runs Saturday mornings starting May 1 to June 5. -- Conceive

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