Bellamy: Baby Name of the Day

Flickr photo by takomabibelo
The parents on 9 by Design have raised a few eyebrows with their baby name choices -- but their daughter Bellamy raised my craving quotient.

Bella is a hot nickname thanks to a certain hot vampire series, but parents seem to be stuck on Isabella and Annabella.


Both beautiful names, but they're piling up -- Isabella is the second most popular name for girls in the entire country these days.

But Bellamy, which is derived from the French word for "handsome," isn't ranked on any list, making it uncommon enough to save her from being Bellamy N. to differentiate from the 16 other Bellamys.

But its use in popular culture -- from musicians the Bellamy Brothers to Olympian Kacey Bellamy -- keeps it from being too obscure.

It's even got a historic ring -- the original Pledge of Allegiance (which didn't include the controversial words "under God") was written by Francis Bellamy.

Are you sold on the 9 by Design name?

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