Bret -- Baby Name of the Day

bret michaels performing
Flickr photo by Jamiecat

I'm not a Bret Michaels fan, couldn't even name a Poison song, but suffering such a horrific medical problem at such a young age -- any age -- is not only scary but upsetting. He remains in critical condition after his brain hemorrhage a few days ago.

Because he's on my mind, I decided to do a little research about the name Bret, or Brett, after which my first cousin's husband is named (does that make him my cousin-in-law or first-cousin-once-removed or absolutely nothing at all? I can never figure that one out).

Bret is such a cool name I'm surprised more moms don't choose it as a baby name. It's currently ranked 951 on the Social Security Administration's Most Popular Baby Names List. It's not ranked at all on CafeMom's Baby Name Finder.


One reason could be the name's meaning: "From England." I could see how this could bother you if you live in the States, or Australia or Japan.

I looked up some famous Brets or Bretts:

Brett Favre, the football star

Brett Butler, the American comedienne

Brett Somers, an American actress who passed away a few years ago

Ah, I see. Maybe Bret is going the way of Ashley, Leslie, and Tracy -- once strictly male names now mostly signifying the feminine. But please don't tell Brett Favre I said that.

Do you think Bret is a masculine or feminine sounding name?

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