13 Celebs Who Should Get Pregnant -- RIGHT NOW

Jeanne Sager | Apr 26, 2010 Pregnancy

  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi


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    A mom who cuts a mean rug and a mom who's a vocal advocate for children's charities (including Locks of Love) can't help but offer a kid a fun home with a sense of adventure. And it bears noting they've got plenty of support on their side -- in a poll last year, this vegan couple was American moms' first choice for celebrity babysitters.

  • Beyonce


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    We already know she makes the babies dance, so she's got the key to curing colic for those postpartum days. Now that Jay-Z's put a ring on it, it's time for this sister with soul to pass on those gifts to a child. Could that be her destiny?

  • Lauren Graham


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    Attention, TV viewers: Coolest teen mom ever, Lorelai Gilmore, doesn't actually have kids. But we're reading her TV credentials as some baby hunger. Paging Sarah Braverman, you're the cool mom on the tube, how about making it happen in real life?

  • Sandra Bullock


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    From our pages to Sandra's ears, whoo-hoo! We included Sandra on our list before the recent news that the 46 year old actress had secretly adopted a baby boy. He is scrumptious. And Jesse is an even bigger idiot, cheating while the adoption was in process. C'mon! While Bullock has had a tough time as of late, she always managed to maintain a sense of class in the face of a challenge (check out that Razzie acceptance speech). A good mom can keep a cool head even when the toddler has flushed two rolls of toilet paper down the potty and painted the dog's tail blue. We see Sandra calling the plumber with a gentle smile on her face.

  • Kristin Davis


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    The baby-hungriest of the Sex and the City crew, Davis as Charlotte was the mom who would've told us our alien-looking infant was the next Gerber baby. Throw in the patience of Job exhibited by Davis' turn as Miss Spider on Nick Jr., and we know she's got the makings of kindest mommy on the block. But it's her struggle to fight her alcoholism and eventual success that tell us she knows what it's like to make the right choices in life.

  • Jenna Fischer


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    Despite the rumors, it's only her character Pam who got preggers on The Office -- not the actress herself. But with a true love of animals (rumor has it she once considered becoming a vet), she's got empathy on her side. Not to mention a new man ... and potential father figure?

  • Gloria Steinem


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    Technically, she's been a stepmother to actor Christian Bale, but the female rights activitist has no kids of her own. A feminist who's tried to empower stay-at-home moms rather than tearing them down, Steinem is the sort of woman who could be a powerful example of how women can have it all -- even kids. She may be past pregnancy stage, but there's always adoption.

  • Emily Deschanel


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    With the glut of pregnancy rumors about the Bones actress, we decided to check out why America's so fascinated with Deschanel's motherhood potential. The elder sister of actress Zooey is family-oriented and quite the activist -- all good mom qualities.

  • Carrie Underwood


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    We already know kids love this American Idol, but it's that incredible work ethic that assures us she could burn the midnight oil with a sick child and still come out smiling in the morning.

  • Jessica Simpson


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    She's already admitted she "craves" motherhood, and this actress has proven she can handle packing a few exra pounds and going out sans makeup. She'll need that in those postpartum weeks when you can barely shower.

  • Jane Lynch


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    Glee's saucy cheerleading coach is happily engaged to a mama, so stepmotherhood is already on the horizon. But how about some mini Cheerios in tracksuits?

  • Jennifer Aniston


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    Maybe this is a cheap shot, but we aren't picking on Jen so much as supporting her oft-uttered longings for kids. Anyone who is that dedicated to finding the right dad for her babies has the makings of a great mom. Although, on second thought, if we can't have Gerard's babies, nobody can!

  • Queen Latifah


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    She's given the voice to a pregnant mammoth in Ice Age, thrown baby showers for Precious star Paula Patton, and even played the mother figure card in The Secret Life of Bees. But for success as a singer and an actress, this down-to-earth beauty is still waiting on one thing -- motherhood. She told OK! it's "going to happen," so we want to know when?

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