Virtual Baby Shower Wins You Prizes and Karma

Photo from Service Soapbox
Who doesn't love buying baby shower goodies?

You don't have to wait until one of your friends gets preggers. The amazing bloggers at Service Soapbox are throwing a virtual shower this week, the follow-up to a physical shower held last week for the March of Dimes.

A good cause, good karma, and did we mention some good loot?


The Service Soapbox ladies call themselves "an Internet-based Junior League -- but without the snob factor or wealth."

A group that's open to anyone -- and already includes some rock star moms on the blogging scene -- they put together charitable enterprises, promote them on their blogs, then let the donations pour into the charity of their choice.

This time around, the baby shower is to benefit the Teddy Bear Den sector of the March of Dimes, a Utah-based program that helps promote prenatal health for low-income pregnant women.

Help them out by shopping for all the fun stuff that makes you go ga ga (and goo goo), and you're in the running to get goodies from Target, Ulta, and more.

Will you jump on the soapbox?

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