Pregnancy Calendar Week 12 (a Milestone!)

baby cupcakesMargaret* is expecting her first baby on November 5 and sharing her experience each week for the next nine months. 

Week 11

We made it! I'm very happy to see our child make it to this milestone. At this time during my pregnancy, I'm beginning to slow down. Not only in my physical exertion, but also mentally.

I've witnessed many friends hurry their pregnancy along. At 30, I'm much more capable of letting nature unfold than I might've been a few years ago. Interested in each day, the pregnancy teaches me more about my values. I believe in acting slowly -- in speech, in eating, in love, etc. When I slow it down, I'm more present in the moment rather than dwelling in the past or reaching toward an unknown future.


This week I feel a bit out of sorts physically. Although my breasts no longer ache, my abdomen does. Generally, I have pressure on the lower part of my abdomen, concentrating on the left side. I also feel more pressure in my lower back. And my body swells if I consume too much sodium or stand/move too long.

I've recently begun to enjoy a wider variety of food. I struggle a bit with the desire to eat compulsively. For instance, eating the third or fourth slice of pizza. My taste for sugar hasn't increased too much. Also, I began to add more flax oil to my diet. I'd been consuming it every other or every third day. I don't take the entire recommended dosage; I generally take half to a third. Consequently, it adds about 120 calories to my intake, which, during this stage of pregnancy, takes up the increase in calorie allotment. I've noticed if I take it with my evening meal, I don't need a small snack prior to bedtime. I take a bit of food to bed with me should I need it.

I also had spotting this week. This would be a menstruation period for me. Normal in terms of quantity, color, and frequency, the event gave me pause. I did call my doctor so that I could have a point of reference; I'll also mention it at my next visit. Last month at this time, it was two days. This month, it was four. I hope that this function fades. Although I try to stay positive and affirm the beneficial function of my endocrine and reproductive systems. It's working, which is good. My goal is to take the unusual in stride.

I've learned through my participation at CafeMom that the range of normal is large. I also know that conversing with women who are pregnant works well; published literature on pregnancy is largely medical. Pregnancy is not pathology; in other words, it isn't necessary to treat it like a disease. It's a positive manifestation of the normal range of women's experience. Women are experts about their bodies. I'm glad to share in the spectrum of women's experience here. My fears and concerns are assuaged because of the kind actions of you all.


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