Jillian Michaels Has It Right: Babies Hurt Bodies


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Jillian Michaels has gotten a lot of flack for saying that having a baby would be too much for her body.

But while female bloggers are getting indignant, did you ever stop to think that she's right?

And that sometimes there are things in life where the result sometimes makes up for the sacrifice?

To borrow a slogan from Michaels' industry -- no pain, no gain baby.

In an announcement that she plans to go the adoption route (good for her!), The Biggest Loser trainer apparently told Women's Health, "I can't handle doing that to my body."

Cue hundreds of frenzied women calling her shallow and vain.

But let's go through a few things I've dealt with in the wake of my pregnancy that have nothing at all to do with looking good in a bikini:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome -- although it's waned from the debilitating pain that made it difficult to hold my newborn, I still have trouble holding heavy pots of water to drain them, manually mixing many foods (folding the ingredients together for my husband's favorite peanut butter pie is agony), and carrying my daughter.
  • Back pain -- again something that's largely waned, I ended up in the physical therapist's to get my muscles back in some semblance of shape.
  • Acid reflux -- never suffered it before pregnancy, but I've spent the last five years on prescription medicine thanks to seven months of constantly throwing up. I try to go off of the meds, and the acid comes right back.

I've also noticed significantly more hairs growing out of a facial mole (yes, I'm a plucker) and I can no longer eat copious amount of my fave ingredient ever -- garlic -- because it makes me ill.

Take all that, put it in a bucket along with those jagged red lines crisscrossing my tummy, and I still say whatevs. I'd do it again in a New York minute to have my daughter.

The ends justified the means, but she still did a number on this here bod.

Do you think the outcry was unfair?

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Cafe... Cafe Sheri

I really don't see what the big deal is. Isn't it her decision whether or not to give birth to a child? Don't plenty of women live fulfilling lives without birthing a child? This in no way implies you and I shouldn't have had children or that we "ruined" our bodies -- or maybe it does -- but whatever. All choices come with pros and cons, but in the end, they are our choices. And hers aren't hurting anybody.

As for her adoption rescue thingy, not sure why she felt the need to add that in there as if it would help people accept her no-pregnancy choice. I didn't need it. I accept her choice. Don't get pregnant. It's okay with me.

nonmember avatar jennifer

I agree. If you go to Jillian Michaels' Facebook page, she clearly states that she's had body issues since she was a child. She's worked very hard to get where she is now and for her to have a baby would undo what she's worked so hard to achieve. Having a baby has put me in the worst shape of my life, but I wouldn't change it for the world. My kids are awesome and I am proud to be their mom. I am not however, proud of the body they left me with which is why I'm using jillian's workout videos to strengthen and tone and hopefully get my dancer's body back without having to resort to going back to smoking to do it.

In the end, I think it's her choice what she does and if adoption is the way for her, then that's her decision and it should not effect anyone but her. It certainly doesn't change my opion of her. She still kicks my @$$ everyday for 20 minutes!

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

That's pretty sad, but it's her choice.  I don't see the need for an "outcry."  I personally like my body better now that I've had a baby.  My chest isn't nearly as perky, but my stomach is FLATTER (I got into eating healthy while pregnant and stuck with it), while I'm about 10 lbs lighter than I was before (breastfeeding and healthy eating) I've got curvier hips now!  I love that since I've always been a string bean! 

I also never got a stretch mark, but even if I had gained a ton of weight, had stretch marks everywhere and hated how I looked, I loved carrying my son for 41 weeks and then bringing him into the world.  Adoption is a wonderful thing, and I'm not belittling it or the love adoptive parents have for their children, but I wouldn't trade the experience of pregnancy and birth for anything!

Freela Freela

I would never say that pregnancy doesn't do a number on your body- I have three kids, and it absolutely does!  The lingering effect I never expected: I now get heartburn.  I got heartburn during pregnancy but it always went away after birth.  Then, after my third baby, it never quite went.  If I eat enough spicy stuff, I will eventually pay.  Still wouldn't trade them for anything! 

My main reaction to her comment is that protecting her body by avoiding pregnancy is ultimately futile- because ANOTHER thing that does a real number on your body is time, and there's just no dodging that one.  No one looks like Jilian Michaels when they are 85.  I guess my point is that attachment to physical appearance is a lost cause anyhow and missing out on parenthood because of a concern about physical appearance is, quite simply, 'missing out.'  JMO!

nonmember avatar Rachel

Two points,

One, I think there are a lot of mommas by adoption who would be kind of appalled by the impression one gets from some of these comments that the only real motherhood is biological. 

Two, well, Cafe Sheri said it better, so I'll stop her.  Her body, her choice. 

nonmember avatar nela evans

Jillian is   so  right i had a baby seven months ago  and ( i want my boobs back ) i was a healthy 34 d how I'm a c cup .why do they deflate after breasting feeding. It was all worth it my baby is truly an angel .mommy love you rhyleigh.

nonmember avatar TKJ

Is there some unconceived baby somewhere that she's slighting by being concerned about her body? Some baby soul that won't be born because of her? Why is it 'selfish' to be concerned about her health? There's no person in existence that she's placing herself ahead of. Pregnancy tears muscles, permanently readjusts bone structure and hormone levels. If some people are fine with that, good for them. If someone doesn't want to do that, good for her as well. Having children is not the only way to be a perfectly fulfilled human being, or to live a good life.

Stacy119 Stacy119

Having children IS, however, THE ONLY WAY to learn the true meaning of selflessness.  No- not all parents learn it, but there's no other way to learn what it truly means to be responsible for another life. Nothing in life can prepare us for parenting; it is it's own revelation. It puts all the shallowness and selfishness in perspective.

nonmember avatar AVI

I always wanted two children. That changed quickly once the preeclampsia set in with the first and now only. I will never endanger my life or the life of my unborn child, again. So, yes, pregnancy can ruin your body in ways you never thought.....even if just the baby making mindset. Other than that, I keep reinjuring my arms from all the heavy lifting (I thought the heavy lifting was over when I gave up my garbage route because I kept reinjuring my arms). Baby making and the subsequent baby care is heavy manual labor and women should be more physically prepared for it than they are. It is important to be in the best physical shape possible before having babies. If you don't want them, then be responsible and don't have them.

nonmember avatar KarenAnn

Well My body snaped back right after pregancy's My took a beating after years of soda connsuptiom so now I am getting back in shape from that giving up carbonated drinks and going to tea( Floral,Herbal) and WATER my body is getting back in shape.However I can get my shape back but not the soft firm skin of my twenties or the clear whites of my eyes of my twenties so on and so on. Pregancy takes a lot out of a woman but the child is more than enough reward. However it clear that Ms. Micheals whole life  she has been at war with her body and she finally finally got it up to snuff and the idea of a going back to being heavy even for a baby horrifies her, she needs a good shrink she may have got her body in shape but  her mind is still flabby dealing with the feelings left over from her battle with her wieght.

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