How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?

Photo by mmoleader
When some friends of ours were pregnant with their third child, they sent out this riddle to friends and family:

When does 2+1=5?

There was lots of fun guessing, but the answer was: When you're pregnant with your third child (2  children + 1 new baby = a family of 5).

Cute, right?


While trying to get pregnant, I dreamt up all sorts of ways I'd announce my pregnancy to my husband, family, and friends. Unfortunately, a couple of miscarriages and lots of infertility cramped my creativity; both of my children's impending arrivals were announced to close friends and family via teary phone calls and to everyone else via email and Facebook once we'd passed the 12-week mark.

While the news is spectacular (usually) no matter how it's delivered, I love the creativity some display.

WilliamsMama08 put the words on her son's shirt to tell her mother. She captured it on video, and it's priceless. I love the look on her mom's face!

Here's a sweet story posted on CafeMom by srhmldndo:"/I found out the week before Mother's day with my first pregnancy, so I went to the Health Dept to get a test, and had them fill out one of those certificates saying 'positive pregnancy, due January ...' and then I put them in a Mother's Day card. For my mom I got a card for 'Grandma,' which she didn't get the point until she opened it up. She thought I had got the wrong card on accident lol. Until she saw the certificate on the inside, then she started crying!"

It seems husbands are often told via the pregnancy test stick. Lovinsophie posted about how she gave her husband quite the wake-up: "He was taking a nap. I went and bought the three-pack box. I took all three of them and taped them to the mirror. When he got up and went to the bathroom, he shouted out, 'Are we having a baby?' I yelled back, 'Yes!!!'"

Other ideas I've heard range from formally printed cards being sent out (much like a birth announcement) to pictures of actual buns in actual ovens to pregnancy tests sent in a husband's lunch (inside a plastic bag, of course). Each story is as unique as each child that's born.

How did you announce your pregnancy?   

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