Belly Button Covers: Yea or Nay?

Popper Stopper
$13; Amazon
How's this for an odd confession: I have an irrational horror of my belly button popping. Seriously, one of the first thoughts I had after realizing I was going into labor 10 weeks early, right after "oh shit, I never got a pedicure," was "at least my belly button won't pop." (Denial is a beautiful thing, people. Don't knock it.)

For some women, this never becomes an issue. For others, it starts at 20 weeks, and it can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. But since all three of my sisters had a protruding knob at the end of their pregnant bellies, it stands to reason that I will too. So as I round Week 24, I'm eyeing the Miss Oops Popper Stopper.


Miss Oops has quite the line of emergency products, from Jaks (to cover your crack in low-rise jeans) to Nundies (liners for your pants, so you can go panty-less -- really?!) to the Boob Tube (a tube top to cover up overzealous cleavage of the chestal variety). I can only imagine the string of fashion traumas that resulted in the company's origins, but that's another story.

The Popper Stopper is disposable, "paper-thin," and adhesive. According to Miss Oops, the big difference between this item and plain ol' Band-Aids is that Band-Aids also have a tendency to pop out themselves and show through shirts just as plainly as your belly button. But at 5 for $13 ($2.60 each), would I really want to wear one every day? Would it be something I'd bust out on special occasions? Does it depend on whether I'm going to work in an office where some obnoxious wag likes to announce that my turkey's done?

Is this a pregnancy product or a paranoia predator? Do you worry about your bee-bo? Do you have a different solution? Tell us in the comments!

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