Babymoon: The Spa Edition

Flickr photo by hiltonsandestin
When I was six months pregnant, I went on a babymoon. I was living in NYC at the time and definitely wanted to get out of the city. I love the beach, but I knew I wouldn't last long baking in the sand and probably wouldn't feel too safe dodging waves in the ocean.

I didn't want to leave the country and have to worry about drinking water or (worse-case scenario) needing medical attention. (I was also traveling solo. My boyfriend bailed when I was 11 weeks pregnant.) What I really wanted to do was rest, relax -- and get pampered. I chose ...


Palm Springs, California. I spent four luxurious days at Parker Palm Springs. In those blissful days, I indulged in a facial, prenatal massage, spa pedicure, and more. I lounged by a saline oval-shaped pool while a gentle, dry breeze tickled my nose. The horizon ahead poked with palm trees, and at sunset the sky exploded in purple and orange and pink -- it glimmered.

It gets better.

I feasted on comfort foods like taco salad and lobster mac and cheese. I ate pancakes in a bed that smelled like lavender and felt like a marshmallow. In my opinion, a babymoon is a must. Take it from me, my last vacation consisted of me chasing my 2 1/2-year-old around on a Disney Cruise. I lost a designer pair of sunglasses and ate things shaped like Mickey Mouse. I got seasick too. Still, it was a great time with my kid -- but so was my babymoon when the only person I had to worry about was ... me. Those days are gone.

If an all-out spa-style babymoon is out of your price range, book a single spa day at a mommy-to-be-friendly spa like Edamame. Search for a location near you here.

Did you go on a babymoon? Where?


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