Mila: Baby Name of the Day

Flickr photo by Sam Ilić
Mila Hermanovski has Tim Gunn on speed-dial these days -- or we'd hope that's one of the perks of coming thisclose to winning Project Runway.

Think the name had anything to do with her good luck?

Between Mila Kunis and Milla Jovovich, it's got a fair track record.


We know life is what you make of it, but a pretty name like that can't hurt matters, can it?

Pronounced Mee-la, it's often short for Milagros or Camila, but it stands on its own rather well, don't you think?

Much prettier than Seth, we must say -- or is that just sour grapes talking? Make no mistake, we loved Mila's '60s-inspired black-and-white number.

And we still love her name. 

According to the Baby Name Finder, Mila is pretty rare -- so bestowing it on your little girl means she'll be one in a million to more than just you.

Do you know any Mila's? Is it short for something?

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