How to Make a Diaper Cake for Your Baby Shower

Since we're in a party mood around here this week, I thought I'd do something fun on baby showers. I attended a shower not long ago where the hostess made a gorgeous diaper cake for the mom-to-be and I was so impressed with her creativity! I'd never seen one before, but now I know they're hot items to have at a baby shower. They're useful, too, as you're giving the mom a bunch of newborn diapers (and other baby goodies), which of course she'll be flying through in those first few weeks.

Here's a video on how to make a diaper cake, plus some getting started basics from creative mamas around here.


A Few Things You'll Need to Make a Diaper Cake

  • At least 2 packs of disposable diapers (this video calls for at least 56 diapers total, but it all depends on how many tiers your cake has).
  • Gifts to hide in the cake and to decorate it with -- could be anything small and baby-related, such as burp clothes, wash clothes, rattles, onesies, socks, diaper rash cream.
  • Rubber bands of various sizes.
  • Cardboard or a cake plate.
  • Scissors, double-sided tape, flowers, and ribbon to wrap around it.

Those are some of the basics required for cake assembly -- for how-to information, check out the video and Jayzwife's detailed instructions on how to wrap the diapers and stack the tiers.

Also, get newbie advice and swap tips with moms in Diaper Gifts 101.

Do you plan to have, or did you have, a diaper cake at your shower? Wanna show us some pics to get other moms inspired?

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