5 Ways to Stay in Regular Clothes Longer

rubber bands close up
Flickr photo by Spider.Dog
"Stylish" wasn't a word in my vocabulary while pregnant, partly because I felt it was going to be so hard and expensive to master. Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy Into the Ultimate Style Statement by Amy Tara Koch tells me different. It's not only easy, it's cheap ... and even a little fun.

It's a helpful read for all you chic pregnant ladies, but for those of you who are trying to eek out your civilian clothes as long as possible, Koch includes these Five Fast Fixes for your wardrobe:


1. Simple Rubber Band

Leave jeans unfastened and loop the band around the button and buttonhole. Conceal with a hip-length T-shirt, some dangly scarves, or a wide scarf worn as a kimono belt.

2. Belly Band

When it's no longer possible to zip, this stretchy band sheaths unzipped, rolled to the hips pants. Too-tight skirts can be worn by pushing the waistband below the hip and covering the bulging fabric with the band. Any lightweight top draped over the band camouflages your handiwork.

3. Small Triangular Elastic Bands

Have your tailor sew these into side seams; a good tailor will make it so they can be removed post-pregnancy.

4. Control-Top Undies

Brands like Flexees or Soma help to fit distended bodies into pants, dresses, and skirts up until month 4.

5. Body Slimmer

Maidenform, Donna Karan's Body Perfect, Spanx -- these are just some of the brands that slim out the thighs and waistline during the first trimester. The author's favorite: Spanx High-Falutin' Footless Pantyhose, with the thoughtful crotch opening.

How have you managed to extend the life of your regular clothes during pregnancy?

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