Kendra -- Baby Name of the Day

Kendra Wilkinson
Photo by Frazer Hamilton/Getty
When you hear the name Kendra, you probably think of Kendra Wilkinson, one of the Girls Next Door, Hugh's former girlfriend, Hank Baskett's wife, Hank Baskett Jr.'s mommy. In other words, blond, bimbo, boobs. I'd like to submit the picture at right as evidence.

You probably don't think of "understanding or knowledge" and "greatest champion," which is partly what the name Kendra means. It also means woman with long hair, who's beautiful and goddess-like, so I guess she sort of qualifies there.

The meaning of my children's names wasn't the main consideration in ultimately choosing them, though as much as I liked them, I still wouldn't have picked them if they meant "murderer" or "poop."


Sometimes children's personalities really do embody the meaning of their names, almost like horoscopes. Somehow, you can make the qualities fit whether they do or not.

My son's name means "little flame," and he definitely didn't disappoint in that department. He's as wild as a jungle cat with a hot temper to match.

My daughter's name means joyous and singing, and I can't think of two better words to describe my sweet, smiley little songbird.

I looked up the meaning of my name -- Cynthia, which is another name for Artemis, the goddess of the moon. I don't think of myself as a goddess in the Kendra kind of way, but my daughter always says she wants to be like me, so ... and I'm kinda scared of the dark, but moonlit walks always relax me, make me feel at peace.

So I guess what I'm saying is there's hope for Kenda B. in living up to the true meaning of her name. I just hope it's more than deciding to be a "champion" of "bikinis" and "having knowledge" of "good hair."

Do you know a Kendra and does she live up to her name? Would you consider this name for your daughter?

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