Gray: Baby Name of the Day

Flickr photo by laffy4k
Ever looked at the nursery school roster and wondered if it was a name list or a rainbow?

I saw the name Gray Powell pop up in the news this week (he's the guy who accidentally leaked the Apple iPhone 4G), and I had flashes of taking pictures in school buildings back in my newspaper reporter days and wondering whether I'd heard the kids right or I simply had colors on the brain.


Gray -- or Grey -- is apparently gaining momentum these days. It's sometimes short for Grayson or Grayden according to the Baby Name Finder, but it's starting to stand on its own as well.

Which isn't to say it's a color name you'll hear often.

For that, Violet (Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter's name), Amber, Rose, Iris, and Sienna (not just the car subject to annoying Toyota commercials but Jude Law's baby mama) get the nods.

Or for boys, how about Carmine?

Are you climbing on the rainbow for your baby?


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