Scarlett: Baby Name of the Day

Photo of Scarlett from Valerie7827
I love movie- or book-inspired names. The name Jennifer became much more popular after Love Story came out in the '70s. Same for the name Madison after Splash's premiere in the '80s, believe it or not. Wendy wasn't even a name before Peter Pan -- J.M. Barrie made it up! But you know what name always evokes passion, glamour, and Rhett Butler? Scarlett.

Of course, there's Scarlett Johansson, who at this point may have eclipsed Scarlett O'Hara in fame. The name has risen slowly to 210th most popular in 2008 (according to the Social Security Administration) since Johansson came on the scene (though oddly, it entered the top 1,000 a few years before her first film, so it might have become more popular regardless). Before that, the name's only spate of popularity was in the early '40s (Gone With the Wind came out in 1939), but you knew that.


Like Ruby (do I have a thing about rosy names?), Scarlett simply means "red." (When I was a kid, I heard "Rhett" as "Red" and thought that's why they were supposed to be together.) It's a warm, passionate color, and even though the literary and Tinseltown version is kind of a pain in the butt, Scarlett certainly knows how to fight and scramble and survive -- all qualities I'd like a girl to have. (We'll just leave out the slave-owning and conniving, shall we?)

What I wonder is, is Scarlett a more popular name in the South? Does it have a more emotional, immediate resonance down there? What do you think of Scarlett as a name -- or do you prefer Scout, Alice, or Dorothy?

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