A Baby Shower for Adopting?

Flickr photo by Shelley_Ginger
Maybe it's the fact that Mother's Day is fast approaching (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, honey) or the host of writing I've done recently about adopting.

It seems that for all the folks I know who've adopted, they've missed out on that rite of passage better known as the baby shower.

Sure, they can be torturous. But they're also a special way to celebrate impending parenthood with your friends and family.


And if you're adopting, you have just as much of a reason to celebrate as the rest of us.

So what gives? Why don't adoptive parents get their showers and their free boxes of diapers, embarrassing ribbon hats, and yummy onesie cakes?

As adoptive mom Courtney O. says on Adoption.com, "For so many pregnancies/expectant parents, a baby shower is one of the most highly anticipated rituals." She surmises there's a difficulty throwing a shower when people don't have a due date in sight, and she might be on to something. Adoption can take months, even years.

But with the new move toward sip and see showers, who says you can't throw one after the baby/child arrives?

BabyShower.com recognizes showers for adoptive parents as a valid reason to party, and they've got some great tips -- let the guests know ahead of time that this child was adopted, be sensitive to the child's needs if they're already there, and make sure you check to see if the birth parents should be involved.

Have you been to a shower for an adoptive family?

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