Quentin -- Baby Name of the Day

letter Q painted on wall
Flickr photo by takomabibalot
Oh, my. Miami Heat player Quentin Richardson is facing backlash for his poor sportsmanship in a basketball game over the weekend. My my my. If only I cared a lick about basketball, I'd have more to say on the subject, but since I don't, let's just talk about this bad player's really great name: Quentin.

Quentin comes from the Latin word meaning "fifth." It'd be a great name to give the fifth boy in your family, but that's certainly not a requirement (because who has big families like that anymore?).


It's an unusual name, but I even know one! And he's super-cool! One of our closest friends is named "Ed," but his wife calls him Quentin, his middle name, because she loves it so much.

Other famous Quentins:

Quentin Tarantino, the film director

Quentin Smith, the American philosopher

Quentin Crisp, the gay author and social critic

San Quentin, California

Do you like the name Quentin for a boy?

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