Exclusive Discount on Kate Quinn Organics for CafeMoms

Shopping for maternity clothes can give you a severe case of sticker shock. If you're like me, though, and you treat shopping like a competitive sport, you can find affordable maternity wear and maternity bargains that won't leave you feeling like a muumuu momma.

One great new way? The flash-sale site Zulily, offering a sneak peek at a Kate Quinn Organics maternity-wear sale and a $10 discount just for CafeMoms.

If you're familiar with sites like Gilt or HauteLook, you already know how it works: You register for free and get a daily email alerting you to limited-time deals (they typically last 2 to 3 days). Zulily launched just this past January, and it's the first one of these sites specifically targeted to kids and moms.


So what are you going to find there? It depends on the day. In the past few weeks, they've featured Moody Mamas, Belli, and Everly Grey (which may still be up today). They can't make promises about specific designers coming up, though -- that's kinda the point.

"We work with well-known brands, but also feature up-and-coming designers," says a Zulily spokesperson. So you could end up buying something on a whim that ends up being the biggest thing since Juicy. You never know.

Clothes range from about $20 to $60; the day we checked in, there were $13 maternity tank tops, and the most expensive maternity item was a full-length evening dress, originally $78, for $35. The discounts are usually 70% off retail, sometimes creeping up to 80%.

As with any other bargain-hunting strategy, this one takes patience. You have to check each day's e-mail to see if any maternity wear is up -- the site's main focus is kid clothes, though they're increasing maternity and mom-wear. Use the promo code CAFE10 and get $10 off any purchase of $30 or more through May 2.

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