Put Out That Cigarette, or You May Have a Cross-Eyed Baby

crossed eyes
Flickr photo by net efekt

As if you needed another reason not to smoke while pregnant, as if we should even be having this conversation in the first place, here's a new fetal risk to add to the very loooong list: Cross eyes, or strabismus.

Inhale this -- for each cigarette a pregnant mom lights up a day, she raises her baby's risk of strabismus by 5%, reports Reuters.

Not to throw too many numbers at you, but here's looking at it another way:

  • Smoking between five and nine ciggies a day boosts the risk of a baby being born with cross eyes by 38%.
  • Smoking 10 or more cigarettes a day carried a super-scary 90%. That's practically a certainty!
  • Smoking less than 5 cigarettes a day didn't carry any increased risk, nor did nicotene replacement or drinking tea and coffee. But DON'T use this a license to just "cut back." There are tons of other reasons why you shouldn't smoke during pregnancy.

Do I even have to list them? Here's just a few ...

Smoking during pregnancy makes kids psychotic

Smoking ups the chances of a preterm birth and smaller baby

Smoking boosts the risk of SIDS

Smoking increases the chance you'll have a grumpy baby who's difficult to soothe

Trust me, it all matters. So just don't do it.

Are you smoking during pregnancy?

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