Older Moms Make More Money

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Flickr photo by Nieve44/LaLuz's
If your guy is pressuring you to have kids, but you're not ready yet, here's what you should say:

"Honey, we'll make a lot more money if I wait to have kids till I'm a bit older. And if you don't believe me, read this ... [hands him a 2 pound stack of papers from the University of Maryland in College Park and the University of California at Los Angeles.]

After a few hours of reading this recent academic study, he learns what you already know: That women who wait to have kids until they are older and more established in their careers are likely to make a higher salary than women who have babies when they are younger. In fact, these women make an income comparable to women without any children, reports USA Today.


It's called the "motherhood penalty" (like we need one more). Women who have kids when they are younger and just starting out in the workforce may not have the education, training and skills behind them when they try to get a job later on, after their kids are grown a bit, so they end up in lower paying occupations.

Course, you don't want to wait too long for obvious reasons. But I'm glad I waited to the mid-rage to have kids, not just for the financial security, but with all the running around I do, they sure are keeping me young.

Are you glad you had kids when you did -- do you wish you had been younger or older?

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