Pregnancy Calendar Week 11 (Changing Body and Mind-set)

baby cupcakesMargaret* is expecting her first baby on November 5 and sharing her experience each week for the next nine months. 

Week 11

My body is changing. I'm trying very hard to manage my emotions. It's not that I've gained a lot of weight; it's more that my abdomen and breasts are swollen, different.

I began my pregnancy at the top of my weight range. I also notice that my joints ache more from exercise that was easy two months ago. I've decided to purchase compression socks on the advice of a friend who's a trainer. These socks help your circulation and help prevent varicose veins, and they also help minimize swelling.


Most of my friends' feet and thighs were uncomfortable by week 30. I'd really like to minimize my discomfort in any way I can. I'm also looking into belly support bands to release the pressure on my lower vertebrae. My lower back already hurts from a previous injury; the added child is beginning to strain me.

Taking Charge of My Own Body

I'm also changing emotionally. During the first part of this trimester, I felt pretty protective of my privacy. I still feel that way, but my abdomen leaves little room for doubt now. I listen more now to women because I know most of their birth experiences weren't ideal. Either they were "advised" to make choices that compromised their values or they felt isolated because their birth "went" the way it did.

I don't believe that our ideas about a future experience reflect the truth as we experience in the moment. Consequently, there are gaps in our perception. However, it's shocking how little women know about their bodies and how much trust they put into someone else to guide them, for better or for worse. One of my personal goals is to educate women about their bodies and empower their partners, especially men, to learn alongside them. Ignorance leads to poor access.

My Wacky Diet

The taste of animal proteins still alludes me. I try to eat more for the protein. But I find that I like eating it less while out. I know that my tastes in food will change shortly. I look forward to it. One interesting development is my willingness to drink milk. I had lessened my intake drastically over the years as a result of lactose intolerance. Now, as one of the few animal proteins I can ingest, I drink at least a cup a day.

I also add a lite chocolate syrup for a sweet treat in place of high-calorie desserts. Prior to pregnancy, I drank organic skim milk; I now drink 1% organic. I also drink fortified orange juice -- a beverage I haven't consumed since I was a teenager. It tastes better than soda and has vitamins. For an added twist, I add orange seltzer. I feel more confident as I head into the second trimester.


Did your diet change after you got pregnant?


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