Jamie: Baby Name of the Day

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Jamie Oliver may have cornered the market on flower power names, but while he and wife Jools are all about the whimsy, I've got to tell you I'm with Jamie's mum and dad.

Check out their son's moniker. It's carried him to the heights of Food Network fame and on to lead a Food Revolution.

Not bad for a boy from Clavering, Essex.



I'm a bit old-fashioned in my baby name beliefs -- I think you need to debate where you want your kids to go in their lives before you cross the traditional names off your list.

Do you see a Moon Unit on the Supreme Court? A Zuma Nesta Rock leading a Fortune 500 Company?

Heck, my kid doesn't have to be a famous gazillionaire. Just enough brains to get her into a good college and a solid name to get her a second glance at an interview for the job she covets is good enough for me.

You can do that with a Jamie -- whether you're a boy or a girl.

A little confession -- I've got a soft spot for this one. My first "real" boss was a Jamie, an editorial supervisor who pulled me into the newsroom, took a look at clips from my newspaper internships, and gave me a job. Like no teacher before him, he taught me how to write with a mix of humor and hard knocks.

Jamies are leaders -- from newsrooms to revolutions.

What do you think?

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