Prenatal Pedicures: Read This Before You Primp

Flickr photo by Briegirl2008

I was a huge fan of the spa pedicure when I was pregnant. I'll be honest, I didn't always feel at my prettiest and was navigating my pregnancy solo because my boyfriend bailed early on -- when I was just 11 weeks along.

Keeping my toes in shape and pretty in pink (or trendy deep red) was something I did for me -- that made me feel good. Not so fast mamas, there's a few things to be wary of before booking that pedi appointment.


Don't worry, I'm not about to say you can't pamper your feet when you're pregnant like you can't eat feta cheese or deli meat or sweat it out in the sauna! I'm going to warn you about two cautions you should take note of:

1. Bring personal grooming instruments to the salon: "During pregnancy, a woman's immune system is suppressed. This causes expecting women to be more susceptible to numerous infections, which can predispose them to preterm labor and other complications. To avoid a nail infection, it's a good idea for an expectant mom to bring her own nail clipper, file, and buffer," advises Dr. Lisa M. Valle, DO.

2. Just say NO to a foot massage in the third trimester: "To be safe, an expectant mom should avoid foot massages prior to 37 weeks. There are acupressure points in the feet and ankles, which correlate to a woman's reproductive organs. Theoretically, stimulation of these areas can bring about unwanted preterm contractions in an inexperienced practitioner," warns Dr. Valle.

See, not so bad! Now let's talk about really important stuff ...

What color are your toenails right now, mamas? Mine are painted in Soul Mate by Essie.

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