Pack This In Your Labor and Delivery Bag: Granny Panties

Photo by Hanes
Packing your labor and delivery bag for the hospital is exciting. You carefully tuck your toothbrush and paste into the designated pocket. Cozy socks, a hair brush, button-front pajamas for accessible breastfeeding, going home outfits for you and the baby made the cut too. You're forgetting one thing -- something I also forgot!


Granny panties! Don't laugh -- OK, laugh away, it's funny. So, why do you need these full-coverage undies? For one, if you have a c-section, like I did, those sexy bikini-cut panties are going to fall right on your fresh c-section scar -- Ouch! And two, expect moderate to heavy (but normal) postpartum bleeding, which means you'll want to wear a super absorbant maxi that will fit more comfortably in a good ol pair of granny panties.

Since I forgot to pack a few pair of these gems, my mom ran out and fetched me a package of Hanes No Ride Up 100% Cotton Briefs. Lucky for us, these aren't your grandma's panties. They are actually stylish and come in soft pastel colors. The elastic waist stretches gently for all day comfort, while the soft preshrunk cotton is breathable. Bonus: The No Ride Up leg keeps your maxi comfortably in place -- trust me, this is super important!

What types of undies did you pack in your overnight bag? Have any stylish brands of granny-type panties to share here?

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