Your Delivery Day Fears ... and Mine

Photo by clwlockey
After a traumatic premature emergency c-section during my first pregnancy, my second pregnancy was filled with more than a little anxiety as each milestone, test, and measurement approached. As the results of each came back blessedly normal, I let out a little bit more of the breath I was holding.

I had been so consumed with growing a healthy baby that my fears of actually delivering her didn't hit me until the last few weeks of the third trimester.

But when they hit, they hit me hard.


From how badly the shot in my spine would hurt to it being off a couple of centimeters and paralyzing me for life, I worried about it all. I worried about little things, like how soon I'd be able to eat and what exactly I'd be able to eat, and I worried about big things, like the c-section leaving me hemorrhaging to death.

I was so nervous my doctor actually gave me a little pharmaceutical help to take the night before and morning of my delivery to make actually showing up a little easier for me (and probably to make taking care of my neurotic self a little easier on the hospital staff).

Everything ended up going just fine in the delivery room, but it was something I'd only given passing worry to that actually went wrong that day -- they brought me the wrong baby!

Yep, after my baby girl was taken to the special care nursery for a bit of observation, they brought her up to me ... only it wasn't her, it was a HIM!

There were tears; there was yelling; there were visions of Lifetime movies flying through my head.

In the end, while disturbing, I got the correct baby (yes, I'm sure), and it all turned out fine. They explained how HE would've never made it into my arms because they would've checked the wristbands before they handed him to me ... blah, blah, blah.

I share this not to strike more fear into the hearts of pregnant women, but because the whole experience made me realize just how futile all the worry is. Worrying can't prevent anything; in fact, stress in pregnancy can actually harm your baby.

I wish I had worried less and enjoyed my pregnancy more ... and I'm sure my doctor does too.

Do you worry about your delivery day more or less than you did the rest of your pregnancy?

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