Announcing Pregnancy on Twitter: Would You Do It?

Cynthia Dermody

diablo cody pregnancy tweet

Screenwriter Diablo Cody announced her pregnancy recently via Twitter.

"Thanks for the congrats on my fetus," she wrote. "No secrets here; just thought it would be fun to see how big I could get before someone noticed."

Yeah, she's a famous person who was responding to mass rumors, but with Twitter becoming almost a second persona for lots of people who utter their every thought, move, and opinions, it's not entirely uncommon for regular folks to break the news that way.

Here's a sampling of some recent tweets from expectant moms and dads:

So it's almost 1 p.m. and I just got up. I'm pregnant!

My stomach hurts and I'm weepy. Either I'm pregnant or it's almost Shark Week.

Clara told me that she's pregnant. I'm going to be a dad to an asian baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY

I'm pregnant! I mean its not yours but I juss thought you should kno

Would you announce your pregnancy on Twitter?

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