Finn: Baby Name of the Day

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When it comes to the Glee guys, I am officially Team Finn.

It helps that actor Corey Monteith is of legal age -- nothing like the Taylor Lautner is a manchild mistake of my long ago Team Jacob declaration. Yes, I celebrated his 18th birthday; it gave me the right to do some serious ab gazing.

But where was I?

Oh, right, Finn, Finn, Finn.


It's apropos that Glee returned to the tube this week -- just after a conversation with a pregnant friend about Irish baby names.

She debated Finn for her daughter, and now it's back on the table for her son.

I'll admit to a little gender bias on this one -- between Huck Finn and Finn McCool, bestowing this one on a girl never crossed my mind.

Which isn't to say I couldn't open up to a little cutie with pigtails named Finn, I'm just not sure you'll see it much. In fact, the Baby Name Finder notes Finn isn't ranked among the CafeMom monikers, and it's only the 368th most popular name in the states.

Maybe it will take the Gleeks to bounce it higher.

Are you Team Finn?


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