Doctor Terminates Wrong Twin

doctor's office
Flickr photo by madmolecule

A Sarasota, Florida, OBGYN, who aborted the wrong baby in a woman carrying twins, has lost his license to practice. That's nothing at all compared to what the mother has lost.

Here is the sad story:


The unidentified woman conceived twins, a girl and a boy, through in vitro fertilization. She was about four months along when doctors advised her to terminate the male baby after discovering he had multiple health problems, including Down syndrome. The girl appeared normal in an ultrasound.

So she scheduled the appointment with her doctor, Matthew J. Kachinas, who mistakenly injected the chemical abortive into the girl.

About two weeks later, the woman returned to the doctor for follow-up, only to discover that the boy was still alive. He then performed a second "selective termination" procedure.

Kachinas blamed the ultrasound equipment, saying it he couldn't see the fetuses clearly enough, and admitted he didn't have a lot of experience performing this procedure.

The doctor told the St. Petersburg Times that he would appeal the medical board's decision.

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