I'm Hoarding Used Pregnancy Tests


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I was spring cleaning the bathroom closet when I found them -- two pregnancy tests.

Used pregnancy tests to be exact.

Used nearly six years ago (oh Gawd, don't get me started on the time frame). I picked them up, debated, then shoved them to the back of the closet.

Yes, I washed my hands.

But I couldn't throw them out. And I can't tell you why. The kid they told me was coming is facing her fifth birthday (oh there I go again). She's not going to be any less obnoxious at 6:30 in the morning (aka less of a real child) if I throw out these little plastic sticks that I once urinated on.

Just typing the words "urinated on" should be making me rethink this whole hoarding thing. Maybe if I write it a few more times?

I peed on these things. Stuck 'em under me on the toilet.

Nope, still not sure if I can throw them out. I'm not a hoarder by nature -- a pack rat maybe, but the American Pickers wouldn't give my place a second glance.

I've heard of people saving the pee stick to present to their partner in a little box as their "hey, I'm pregnant announcement." People putting them on the Christmas tree to announce "hey, you're gonna be a Granny."

But when I Googled "keeping a positive pregnancy test," a community of weirdos, er, bosom buddies, didn't pop up. And let's face it, if you can't find a partner in crime on Google, you're screwed.

No wonder I hide them way back in the back of the closet.

Did you have a hard time saying bye bye to your positive tests?

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Hahahah! I've written about this too. I still have mine under the sink. I was so proud of my positive!
Sort of embarrassing when the super came over to fix something under there and removed all the items before I had a chance to.

Jessl... Jesslin07

I have all my positives from both kids... oldest is almost 4 yrs old. wow

babyc... babycakeschris

Lol I have saved all my positives for each of my children and even for the one I miscarried to me it's the begining of a memory just like taking pics and putting them in a scrapbook...

nonmember avatar Shannon's Mommy

I'm in my third trimester now and still have all (yes, three) of the tests I first took when I found out I was pregnant with my unborn daughter. They're in a box shoved in the back of my closet and should probably be thrown away, but for some reason I just can't let them go. It's definitely not that I'm attached to a little white stick that I peed on- it's more than I'm attached to the memories attached to those little white sticks.

wntg1grl wntg1grl

I still have all of my pos tests...5 to be exact. I have a little box for each child with momentos, and its in there...with the circ ring, hospital bracelets, etc. I think its ok to hoard them as long as you arent a professional organizer! :)

madfoot madfoot

I have mine too! You are not alone, sister!

regen... regenbogenpilz

Yep, my 3 year old son's is in my jewelry box and the two i took for this pregnancy are still on the bathroom cabinet!! doubt I will be getting rid of them any time soon!! Glad I am not the only one.

Ruger... RugersMommy06

I put mine in a plastic baggy & taped it to the inside of each baby book.

Jlynn... JlynnDoyle

I kept mine for about a week. I used the digital ones so after the battery finally died on them they didn't say pregnant any longer & I got rid of them. If I hadn't used the digital ones I probably would have kept them longer.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I take pictures and toss the actual test =0)

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