5 Baby Shower Games That Give Me Morning Sickness

Flickr photo by Betsssssy
I'm not pregnant (not anymore anyway). But there's nothing like a game of sniff the diaper to make me remember my morning all-day sickness.

If you're inviting me to a baby shower, chances are you can make me gag with any of these games (excuse me if I don't RSVP):

  1. Melted Chocolate in the Diaper. OK, we get it, babies poop. But if you poke around in there to see if Junior really swallowed those carrots, please don't shake my hand. Don't microwave the Milky Way -- just hand it over.
  2. Never Say Baby. Every time I slip up and say the word baby you're going to give me a diaper pin to put on a necklace, so everyone can giggle at how many pins I've racked up. A giggle's not what I'm expecting where I shove that pin.
  3. Guess the Number of Diaper Pins. While you're passing around a glass full of diaper pins and everyone's gauging how many are in there, I'm going to refill my glass. Who says you can't spike the punch at a baby shower?
  4. Smeared Baby Food in the Diaper (and making me sniff it). Again with the baby poop. And Moms wonder why admitting you have a uterus puts you on par with Kathie Lee. And we're worried about teenagers sniffing glue?
  5. Bottle Races. Making me suck milk from a bottle faster then my aunt and female cousins might have been appetizing when I was 4. Just pass me the bottle of Kahlua.

What baby shower games drive you crazy?

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