Make Your Own Baby Bibs

Photo by hilderbrand3
When it comes to baby gear, there are needs, wants and stuff that you will never use, despite the marketers' claims that your child will somehow be deficient without it.

Baby bibs are only a need if you don't want every piece of your child's clothing to be stained. So yeah, I'd put them in the need category. And given the amount of time your baby is going to be sporting these stain stoppers, you're going to need a bunch.

Sure, you could buy them, but how much more fun to personalize them with the fabrics and colors you like and save some money while you're at it.   


If you're a sewer or up for trying, here are some great step-by-step directions for making your own baby bibs. Once you get the hang of it, these look really easy to whip out quickly.

Photo by homemadebyjill
Some of my favorite bibs are those made out of vinyl as they're easy to wipe down and reuse multiple times. Here are a good pattern and instructions for making some vinyl baby bibs.

For those who don't take well to needle and thread, here's a super easy way to make bibs out hand towels -- no sewing required!

Here's another cute no-sew method to make a bib out of a washcloth. And here, is a way to make a bib out of a placemat - brilliant! 

Have you made your own baby bibs?

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