Pregnant Subway Rider Ticketed for Seat Search

Flickr photo by Annie Mole
Subway riders ignored a woman in her 32nd week of pregnancy in New York. So who ended up in trouble?

That's right -- the pregnant woman. She was ticketed for walking between subway cars -- which is against transit regulations -- trying to find a seat.

Oh chivalry, what happened to giving the pregnant woman your seat on the subway?


The NY Post reports Nora Hsu got a $75 ticket and was ordered off the train for crossing between the cars on a packed subway during a heat wave last week.

The train wasn't moving, but according to transit authority regulations, it doesn't matter. When you climb aboard one train car, that's your car for the ride unless you exit via the doors onto the platform and enter another car.

Before you say, "oh, it's New York, what did she expect?" I've usually experienced the exact opposite on the subway. I don't live in the city, but when I visit and use the subway, I almost invariably have a seat offered to me for my toddler. Sometimes I take it, sometimes I don't (usually I hold her on my lap if we sit so we're taking up fewer seats.

What Hsu did was illegal, no doubt, but at what point does a little common courtesy take over for a pregnant woman? Like stepping onto a car and saying, hey, move your butts people, heavily pregnant woman in a heat wave here.

I remember what the heat did to me during my pregnancy -- turned my ankles to cankles, my fingers to sausages. Standing did become severely uncomfortable.

We may not be delicate flowers when we're pregnant who people should wait on hand and foot. But it is a medical condition folks.

Should she fight the ticket or just take it?

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