Your Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts

Julie Ryan Evans

Photo by -nico
I recently came across a Portable Pregnancy List for your Purse that attempts to simplify all the information about what you should and shouldn't do when you're pregnant. It sums it up in eight bullets:

-- Take a prenatal vitamin
-- Drink extra water
-- Eat only common, safe fish: shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, haddock, pollock, and catfish.
-- No sushi
-- No deli meats
-- Stretch or walk daily
-- Think before you swallow: only approved medicines
-- Think before you drink: no alcohol, limited caffeine

Can it really be that simple?

When I first saw the list, I thought there is no way the list could be so short  -- surely some important rules were missing. After all, I read book after magazine after Web site filled with information about pregnancy dos and don'ts ... not mention all the advice everyone seemed to have.

But really, while there are a few I would add -- like no soft serve ice cream and no hot tubs -- the list pretty much covers it.

When I was pregnant I felt like EVERYTHING was off limits, but seeing it listed here makes it seem a lot less overwhelming and less confusing.

Are there any other dos and don'ts you would add to the list?

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